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Family First Life Solidity Agent Spotlight: Heather Robeson

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

We're pleased to feature for our next FFL Solidity Team Member spotlight, Heather Robeson. Heather is a currently a Telesales Agent at FFL with a story like no other.

To get to know Heather a bit more, we sat down to chat with her about why as well as learn what her thoughts on life insurance, what's great about the life insurance industry, and what families mean to her as a Telesales Agent at FFL.

Where are you from and how did you learn about Family First Life?

Long story short, I am currently living in El Paso, TX. Now long story, because that is all I can give! I was born and raised in Vermont. Moved to CT after college and moved from there almost a year ago!

What was your experience like at first when becoming a member of the FFL team?

I was alone and scared. I worked when I could because I was moving across country and this was taking the place of door dashing. I wasn't consistent. I was renovating a house and getting ready for a wedding at that property as well. It was a mess. BUT with consistency after the wedding in April, and working with FFL Solidity, they have kept me reigned in and have been the perfect team to work with!

What does FFL mean to you on a professional and personal level?

Professional? Couldn't work with better people. Couldn't have more supportive teammates and that is the entire group. Personally, they are family to my family. We are very blessed.

Do you have any tips to share for those who are interested in joining the life insurance industry?

Jump in. Do not be afraid. Now is the time no matter what. YOU'VE GOT THIS and you are stronger and smarter than you think!

What's one important thing you value the most with your clients?

The fact that we can get personal and they trust me to do what I know to be best for them. I value their trust.

Fun Question: What is your favorite pizza topping?

Everything...except black olives. Though I like them, and will eat you can tell...I would prefer an everything pizza with no black olives. :)


Thanks for sharing, Heather! We hope you enjoyed learning more about Family First Life Solidity and her story.

Did you know? Family First Life is always growing! Our team is always looking for new, friendly faces to join as agents, even if you don't have experience!

Find out how to become an FFL Insurance Agent here.

Consider being part of #winwithFFL today!

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