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Family First Life Solidity Agent Spotlight: Helena Wares

So what’s Helena's story, and what inspired her to become a Life Insurance Agent at Family First Life Solidity?

We sat down to chat with her just about that, as well as her thoughts on life insurance and what matters to her the most about the families she works with.

Where are you from and how did you learn about FFL?

Currently my family is living in Kansas, I’ve been studying at college in Massachusetts the past few years. I recently graduated in the summer and decided to stick around the Boston area. I learned about FFL through someone close to me, I was studying for my insurance license for a different company and once I learned about FFL I immediately just went for it.

What was your experience like at first when becoming an Agent at FFL?

It was and is still challenging at times because I’m still relatively new but if you push yourself then the progress will become evident early on and you’ll see results. Also, the benefits of being able to work for myself and being surrounded by amazing people is what really makes it for me.

What does FFL mean to you on a professional and personal level?

I love how personal and professional growth intersect so much here at FFL. In order to grow professionally you have to intentionally invest in yourself on a personal level.

What's one tip you can give for those who are interested in becoming agents?

Take your exam as soon as possible! That’s how you get your momentum started.

Fun Question: If you were alone on an island, what three essential items you would need to survive?

Sunscreen, my Bible and a beach towel! Lol

Thanks for sharing, Helena! We hope you enjoyed learning more about Family First Life Solidity and her story.

Did you know? Family First Life is always growing! Our team is always looking for new, friendly faces to join as agents, even if you don't have experience!

Find out how to become an FFL Insurance Agent here.

Consider being part of #winwithFFL today!


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