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Featuring recent articles and media from Family First Life Solidity's story so far.
Check it out and learn more about becoming a Life Insurance Agent at Family First Life!


Family First Life Spotlight: Helena Wares

Family First Life Solidity is pleased to introduce Helena Wares as our first Agent Spotlight! Helena is a newly licensed Agent who protected 19 families in her first full month in the insurance industry. You can read Helena's inspiring story here.

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Family First Life Agent Spotlight: Heather Robeson

We're pleased to feature Agent Heather Robeson as our second Agent Spotlight! Heather is a Telesales Agent with a story like no other. You can read Heather's amazing story here.

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Family First Life Spotlight: Rami Hamady

So what’s Rami's story and how did he hit Hall of Fame in his first full year in the insurance industry? We sat down to chat with him just about that, as well as learn what his thoughts on life insurance and what it means to him to serve families. You can read Rami's awesome story here.

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Family First Life Spotlight:
Gianna Sipala

Family First Life Solidity is extremely excited to introduce Gianna Sipala as our fourth Agent Spotlight! Gianna works with FFL Solidity and has amazed us with her dedication towards serving families. Read more about her story here.

Family First Life Spotlight:
Kyra Harris

We're pleased to introduce Agent, Kyra Harris as our 5th Agent Spotlight! Kyra successfully protected 17 families in her first full month working with FFL. Read more about her story here.

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