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Family First Life Solidity Agent Spotlight: Kyra Harris

We're pleased to introduce newly licensed agent, Kyra Harris! In just her first month, Kyra has managed to successfully protect over 17+ families due to her amazing attitude.

With her positive attitude, Family First Life Solidity has continued to grow thanks to her. So we sat down to learn more about Kyra's story.

Why life insurance? What makes her happy to serve families? And most of all: what is one of the most rewarding thing about being a Life Insurance Agent?

Where are you from and how did you learn about FFL?

I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisana, but I have been a resident of Houston, Texas since 2010. I never heard of FFL until I received a cold call from the lovely Melissa, where she shared details about this amazing company and how they are hiring in the Texas area. I enjoyed what she was sharing on the phone (plus I was not enjoying the previous company I partnered with), so, upon her and Rami explanations, I felt this opportunity would be a great fit for me.

What was your experience like at first when becoming an Agent at FFL?

Honestly, I wish I would of started as soon as I joined. I waited until the last day of August to get moving. I’m grateful I did get started though. The systems FFL has in place, plus the amazing leadership has, made this journey smooth sailing.

What does FFL mean to you on a professional and personal level?

Professionally: I feel it has a culture that wants you to succeed and be competitive with yourself. You drive the vehicle of your life and if your prefer to keep making pit stops, aka, EXCUSES, then you're going to never get to the finish line.
Personally: It has challenged me and showcased some of my flaws (which I’m glad I can address them now). I love the accountability factor as well as the organization factor. Some things I procrastinated on and I realized it made my process so much easier.

What's one tip you can give for those who are interested in becoming agents?

Be prepared to WORK for the life you desire. My coach/mentor Rami Hamady said, “Kyra, work hard for 2 years in this business, and I promise you will see massive success.” And I believed him! After being in the field and educating my clients on information they are still uneducated about motivates me to continue to grow my business and dominate in this amazing industry.

As an agent, what is the one thing that you value the most with your clients and strive to give them?

I value transparency and educating them on all the benefits of life insurance - especially my younger clients. Prepare for the future and you do not have to DIE in order to live the life you desire. It’s been an interesting journey and I’m so grateful to have mentors who are willing to guide me the right way.

Fun Question: What's your go to comfort movie on a lazy day?

Hahahaha, well, I’m a HARRY POTTER type of 'gal. I can watch those movies continuously. Like, I literally love every movie and give it my full attention every time I watch it. ❤️


Thanks for sharing, Kyra! We hope you enjoyed learning more about Family First Life Solidity and Kyra's inspiring story.

Did you know? Family First Life is always growing! Our team is always looking for new, friendly faces to join as agents, even if you don't have experience!

If you have an amazing attitude just like Kyra's, we'd LOVE to have you on our team.

Find out how to become an FFL Insurance Agent here.

Consider being part of #winwithFFL today!

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